Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

How We Define Sustainability

"The ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"

At Aramark, we have a deep respect for and commitment to protecting and improving the environment. We work to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional operational results. We also offer expertise and practical solutions to our clients to help them reduce their environmental impacts.

Throughout our corporation, we develop and implement long-term environmental stewardship programs and policies within the areas of sustainable food; responsible procurement; green buildings; energy and water conservation; transportation; and waste stream management.

Environmental Programs

Environmental Management System

  • Designed to help regulate what we buy, how we use energy, how we dispose of chemicals, etc.
  • Deal with what are known as "aspects and impacts"
    • Fueling a boat
    • Turning on a light switch
    • Buying food for the restaurants

Glacier Bay Lodge holds a prestigious ISO 14001 certification for environmental performance. Our Environmental Management System will help us maintain certification status and continuously improve the environmental sustainability of our business practices.

  • Comprehensive EMS aimed at continual improvement
  • Not perfection, but a commitment to making change in our line of business
    • Helps conserve energy
    • Lowers our environmental footprint